The Best Niche Specific Program

We pay our affiliates 60% of all sales and all rebills. The way we have our program setup it is the absolute best way for you to make the most money. Our affiliates routinely make more than 40-50$ per sign up. With one-click upgrades, and excellent 3 month and yearly memberships things couldn’t be easier. Our mission at is clear: To make you more money with us than with anyone else...FAST.

We will do absolutely everything to help you succeed. We want to build a solid long-term business relationship with you; and we are here to stay.
Here is just some of what we will provide you with:

  • We can Build Custom gallery templates for you
  • We will submit galleries with your link code to your tgp/mgp
  • We will give you free unlimited hosting with your own domain
  • We can cut clips specifically to your needs
  • We can write descriptions for you
  • We can build tours specific to your needs
  • We are available on ICQ and by phone 24 hours a day to help you
  • We will build any promotional item you need

Need anything else? Just ask and we will deliver